Telstar Services

Vintage audio repair, stereo repair, camcorder repair, projector repair, and anything else AV related.

Telstar Services, an Austin TX based A/V repair and sales company, has been in business since 2001. Our repair service covers many different kinds of audio and video equipment, such as receivers, amplifiers, antique radios, printers, camcorders, flat screen televisions, turntables, cassette players, cd players, tuners,VCRs, DVD players, Blu ray players, DVD VCR combo units, all in one stereo units, reel to reels, and projectors, both film and digital. We also buy and sell audio and video equipment.

When it comes to stereos, there are generally two camps, those who swear by analog and those who think Digital is the way to go. Personally I like digital surround sound for watching movies but prefer the sound of analog for my music.

One of the best things about analog receivers is that they were built to last. These things have several large transistors to handle the output to the speakers. Newer digital receivers have shrunk these circuits down to small integrated circuits.

Newer receivers use much smaller parts which allows them to add more features for less money. Things like Bluetooth, HDMI, network connections, etc. In my opinion, there is a huge trade off in quality.

Let us know what you think. Do you prefer analog or digital and why?

If you need service on your receiver or amplifier, give us a call. We repair both analog and digital.

Ever wonder what the inside of your VCR looks like? Well, here's a great example!

VCR/DVD player/recorders are still very common and are a great way to transfer your tapes to DVD. Unfortunately, these are no longer being manufactured so for many customers, repair is the only option. This particular Panasonic has the dreaded F60 error which in this case was caused by bad capacitors in the power supply. Of course, here at Telstar, we go further than just repairing the problem.

We want your unit to last a long time so we do some preventative maintenance too. We replace the belts, clean the heads, tape path, and laser assembly, and then run it on the test bench for several days to make sure everything is good.

Bring us your DVD, VCR, or combination unit and we will do our best to get it running like new again.

Working on a Bang & Olufsen Beocord 5500 cassette player. Thought you might like to see what is inside. We repair a lot of different brands of cassette players, if you need service, just give us a call.